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Transmission Services

Fluid Change & Maintenance

St. Marys AAMCO
Fluid Change and Maintenance

The St. Marys AAMCO Power Purge Plus Transmission Flush & Filter Change is the most comprehensive transmission maintenance service available anywhere. It’s the service that may help your transmission shift better, longer.

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St. Marys AAMCO Power Purge® Transmission Flush

The St. Marys AAMCO Power Purge® Transmission Flush is most complete transmission fluid exchange available only at AAMCO.

The service includes:

  • Complete External Diagnostic Service for your transmission
  • Replacing virtually 100% of your old transmission fluid with our Fluid Flush and Fill
  • Removal of dirt, grit and abrasives
  • A check for leaks
  • Fill with fresh, clean fluid

St. Marys AAMCO recommends that your old transmission fluid be replaced every 24,000 miles. If your transmission fluid is dirty or deteriorating, you might be on the way to a transmission problem. An AAMCO Power Purge Transmission Flush may help prevent transmission problems before they happen.
*Not available for automobiles with internal transmission problems.

External Service

To Automatic Transmission & Related Components

The St. Marys AAMCO Safeguard Fluid & Filter change, like all St. Marys AAMCO Transmission Maintenance Services, begins with a complete External Diagnostic Service to spot any potential problems.

The service includes:

  • Drain transmission fluid and replace with new fluid.
  • Replace filter and fill with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Perform leak check.

St. Marys AAMCO recommends that your old transmission fluid be replaced about once a year or so.

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